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It’s time for a new level of clean.

Applied Silver, Inc. (ASI) is transforming everyday linens and clothing used in healthcare, sports, and hospitality into germ killers, infection fighters and health protectors.

Applied Silver’s patented silver ion-based antimicrobial laundry additive, SilvaClean, was originally developed to address undesirable locker room odor. The most common malodors in a locker room are the result of growth of mold, mildew and bacteria on sweaty athletic gear and towels.  

The bigger potential for SilvaClean in residually killing disease-causing germs (pathogens) and infection prevention were quickly realized following a visit to a local commercial healthcare laundry facility.  SilvaClean’s active component, silver, has been used as an effective antimicrobial for thousands of years in various medical and household applications. 

Today, SilvaClean is a key component in infection control programs at leading hospitals across the United States.  The Applied Silver team has gathered compelling clinical data demonstrating SilvaClean’s effectiveness in killing pathogens on healthcare linens and reducing infections at hospitals.   SilvaClean is now the first EPA approved residual antimicrobial laundry additive with public health claims to reduce post-laundry contamination of textiles.  It is proven and registered to kill 99.9% of deadly pathogens like Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae, several antibiotic resistant germs and yeast.  

Applied Silver is also actively working with professional sports and NCAA teams to bring the same benefit to player safety programs and sports medicine initiatives around infection prevention.  Here, SilvaClean provides the added benefit of odor and static reduction.

Applied Silver has recently entered the hospitality industry, where SilvaClean technology elevates the hygiene and health protocols of hotels, cruise lines, and other venues, providing a safe environment for guests and visitors. In addition to giving guests confidence in the industry, SilvaClean also protects housekeeping staff and other industry personnel.

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