The Proactive Risk Minimizer

Infection control is your priority.

We know a layered approach to infection prevention is the most effective. You follow hand
hygiene protocols. You disinfect every hard surface. But when it comes to soft surface
linens, laundering alone isn’t enough to keep infection causing pathogens from hitching a ride on clean linens, scrubs and gowns, then spreading to patients and staff. Linens are hygienically clean after laundering, but are susceptible to contamination during transport, handling, storage, and use.


Empower your infection prevention and antibiotic stewardship programs with SilvaClean.

SilvaClean addresses a layer of infection prevention that is not currently addressed – soft surface contamination during use. SilvaClean infuses your linens with the antimicrobial
power of silver, right in the laundry rinse cycle, and empowers soft surfaces to continuously kill pathogens that come in contact with them while they are being handled, stored, transported, or used. SilvaClean holds the first ever public health claim for a residual laundry additive to reduce post-laundry contamination.

By using SilvaClean, you are creating an improved environment for your patients and healthcare staff. Infection control programs that include SilvaClean have been clinically proven to lower the risk of infection from soft surfaces, because SilvaClean’s unique chemistry residually fights unwanted pathogens.

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Facts and Figures

Textiles are fomites

Fomites are materials that may be contaminated with and transmit, infectious organisms. In fact, 60% of hospital staff uniforms colonize bacteria, which can be transmitted from room to room.

7-10 of 100

hospitalized patients are infected by HAIs each year globally.


of clean linens are contaminated before even coming into contact with patients.


touchpoints between washing and patient use.

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Residual activity

SilvaClean provides residual post-laundry activity against S. aureus after 6 hours of contact and K. pneumoniae after 3 hours of contact

Drive efficiency

Upgrading to SilvaClean treated linens is easy. There is no need for additional staff training or a change to your current linen inventory.

Improve outcomes

SilvaClean aids infection control programs. 

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