Healthcare providers

As part of a diligent infection control program, experts recommend that a hospital should
seek to reduce or eliminate exposure to pathogens to the greatest extent practical. One practical, inexpensive way to aid in this effort is to use SilvaClean® laundry additive.

Residual activity

SilvaClean provides residual post-laundry activity against S. aureus after 6 hours of contact and K. pneumoniae after 3 hours of contact

Drive efficiency

Upgrading to SilvaClean treated linens is easy. There is no need for additional staff training or a change to your current linen inventory.

Improve outcomes

SilvaClean aids infection control programs. 

What is the challenge?

In a healthcare patient environment, there is an increased risk to the exposure of pathogens. Hospitals do everything they can to reduce or eliminate that exposure as part of their infection control program. 

The SilvaClean® solution.

SilvaClean is an inexpensive way to aid hospitals in their infection control practices. It is a laundry additive that reduces post-laundry contamination.

Become the next innovative hospital to use SilvaClean®