A Premium Experience for Guests and Staff

It’s time for a new level of clean

Textiles are fomites and serve to harbor and spread pathogens. Now, more than ever, there is a need to elevate to provide a germ-free environment.


An innovative strategy for enhanced hygiene delivered through laundry

SilvaClean laundry additive infuses your linens with the antimicrobial power of silver, right in the rinse cycle. SilvaClean holds the first ever public health claim for a residual laundry additive to reduce post-laundry contamination.

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Reduce presence of pathogens

The residual antimicrobial activity of SilvaClean® protects fabrics from growth of bacteria, mold and mildew and kills pathogens even as items are stored, transported and used.

Easy to implement

SilvaClean can be easily applied to a wide range of fabrics: sheets, robes, towels, table linens, mops.

There are no changes in the laundering process, no additional new purchases required, no need for staff training, and no changes to your current linen inventory.

Enhance prevention protocols

Enable launderable soft surfaces to actively enhance your infection prevention efforts through the addition of SilvaClean®.

Protect your guests with the innovative power of SilvaClean®