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It’s time for a new level of clean

Textiles are fomites and serve to harbor and spread pathogens. Now, more than ever, there is a need to elevate to provide a germ-free environment.


An innovative strategy for enhanced hygiene delivered by SilvaClean

SilvaClean laundry additive infuses your linens with the antimicrobial power of silver, right in the rinse cycle. SilvaClean holds the first ever public health claim for a residual laundry additive to reduce post-laundry contamination.

  • Improve the hygiene of your textiles and their environment
  • Keep your guest rooms smelling clean
  • Eliminate the need for dryer sheets
  • Extend the life of fabric use
By choosing SilvaClean, you are creating the safest and most comfortable experience for your guests. SilvaClean is sustainable, color-safe, and fresh-smelling and works to continuously protect textiles from harmful germs. 

Elevate your guest experience with SilvaClean®

Safe for use on all fabric colors and easily applied to a wide range of your existing stock of textiles:

✓ Sheets 
✓ Blankets 
✓ Robes 
✓ Towels 
✓ Pillowcases

✓ Table linens 
✓ Mops 
✓ Curtains 
✓ Uniforms 


Facts and Figures

Recent studies have demonstrated high viral load shedding in presymptomatic coronavirus patients on sheets, duvet covers, pillow covers, and towels in hotels. Click to read more.

Refer to our education page for more clinically proven and peer-reviewed data on SilvaClean.


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Learn about SilvaClean for Hospitality

Click here to watch our webinar titled: “Keeping What’s Closest Cleanest: Establishing the Premier Cleanliness Standard in Hospitality” presented by the San Francisco Hotel Council. Learn about the potential infection risks associated with soft surfaces and the importance of having a comprehensive cleanliness and hygiene strategy for hospitality from our esteemed panel of experts. Don’t forget to take this survey afterwards for a chance to win an Applied Silver gift bag, full of SilvaClean treated items!

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With travelers eager to set sail, we’re partnering with Cruise Lines International Association to prepare ships for safe, healthy sailing.

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As an Allied Member of the American Hotel & Lodging Association, we’re empowering the hospitality industry to provide both the comforts and the cleanliness of home.

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Together with the International Luxury Hotel Association, we’re establishing the premier cleanliness standard in hospitality.

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As a member of the Hayward, Calif. community ourselves, we’re proud to act as a solution provider to hotels in San Francisco and the Bay Area at-large.

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