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It’s time for a new standard of hygiene

High-touch soft surface fabrics are vulnerable to degradation, residual odor, and collecting germs. Neglecting these soft surfaces can impact the experience for your guests and staff.


An innovative strategy to enhance the guest experience

SilvaClean fabric care technology infuses your linens with the natural, antimicrobial power of silver, right in the laundry rinse cycle.

  • Maintain premium fabric quality and extend the lifespan of linens
  • Provide continuous hygiene control for fabrics and their environment
  • Keep spa towels and guest linens free of residual odors
By choosing SilvaClean, you are creating an elevated experience for your guests and an inviting environment for your staff. SilvaClean is natural, sustainable solution that extends fabric use, protects against harmful germs, and keeps fabrics smelling fresh.

Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

A world-class wellness resort and spa establishes a new standard of hygiene in hospitality. Carillon Miami will utilize SilvaClean on all soft surfaces, including spa robes, towels, restaurant linens, and guest room bedding. Take a look at how our partnership has come to life.

Elevate your guest experience with SilvaClean®

Safe for use on all fabric colors and easily applied to a wide range of your existing stock of textiles:

✓ Sheets 
✓ Blankets 
✓ Robes 
✓ Towels 
✓ Pillowcases

✓ Table linens 
✓ Mops 
✓ Curtains 
✓ Uniforms 


Refer to our education page for more clinically proven and peer-reviewed data on SilvaClean.



Watch our webinar

Learn about SilvaClean for Hospitality

Click here to watch our webinar titled: “Keeping What’s Closest Cleanest: Establishing the Premier Cleanliness Standard in Hospitality” presented by the San Francisco Hotel Council. Learn about the potential infection risks associated with soft surfaces and the importance of having a comprehensive cleanliness and hygiene strategy for hospitality from our esteemed panel of experts. Don’t forget to take this survey afterwards for a chance to win an Applied Silver gift bag, full of SilvaClean treated items!

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Partners & Memberships

AHLA Allied Member

As an Allied Member of the American Hotel & Lodging Association, we’re empowering the hospitality industry to provide both the comforts and the cleanliness of home.

Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association

Through our partnership with FRLA, we’re helping bring the protection of SilvaClean to the Sunshine State.

International Spa Association

Spa patrons can truly unwind thanks to SilvaClean. Together with the International Spa Association, we’re offering the ultimate amenity – the benefits of residual antimicrobial activity.

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