“How can we do more with less?”


With widespread reports over the last 18 months of less time for surveillance and data collection, less reporting and feedback, and less PPE availability, the ongoing question facing infection prevention professionals seems to be, “how can we do more with less?” More to protect the critically ill, highly vulnerable, COVID-19 patients filling up hospital beds; more to continue combating the persistent issue of HAIs.

Concerns around the growing HAI problems associated with COVID hospitalization has prompted the American Professionals in Infection Control to issue an urgent statement encouraging healthcare facilities to strengthen their infection control programs. What’s needed, then, is additional layers of infection prevention protocols that provides greater protection to patients but demands less time, energy, and effort from staff than most other interventions.

SilvaClean® does just that.

As a cloud-based, fully automated smart technology, SilvaClean equips soft surfaces – universal to the patient experience – with the residual antimicrobial power of silver ions to kill bacteria, mold, and mildew, keeping gowns and bed linens cleaner in-use without requiring additional training of, or action from, hospital staff.

An EPA-registered laundry additive with kill claims against 7 of the pathogens that most often contribute to HAIs, SilvaClean’s effectiveness has been clinically validated in hospitals.

In one study, three community hospitals using SilvaClean to treat their textiles saw 100% reduction in the presence of Staphylococcus aureus on both prepatient-use gowns and sheets, and an 89% and 74% reduction in postpatient-use gowns and sheets. In the same study, MRSA colonies were reduced 97% and 100% in prepatient-use gowns and sheets, and 100% and 80% in postpatient-use gowns and sheets, respectively.

A follow up retrospective multi-year, multi-site evaluation of HAI rates for CAUTI, CLABSI, CDI and SSI demonstrated a 43% decline in total HAI rates during a 36-month evaluation period when SilvaClean was used as a component of an infection prevention program.

SilvaClean keeps what’s closest cleanest without burdening hospital staff, supporting infection prevention personnel at a time when they need it most.