An innovative new laundry treatment that uses silver, an antimicrobial, to provide powerful, lasting protection against odor and stain-causing bacteria in textiles.

Learn more about the power of SilvaClean® to reduce textile contamination and why the most innovative hospitals are using this technology to provide a better bedside experience.
Unlike other antimicrobials, SilvaClean® integrates seamlessly into the existing laundering cycle so existing processes and inventory don’t have to change. 

The Difference is Persistence

The Result? Tough protection for soft surfaces

Unparalleled technology

SilvaClean is an effective, long lasting treatment that offers a level of protection for fabrics never before available. 

Long lasting protection

SilvaClean imparts lasting antimicrobial effects that keep working over time to keep your fabrics clean, even after you’ve used them. 

A greener clean

SilvaClean is an EPA-­approved laundry solution that keeps them clean for longer periods of time, reducing laundering frequency thus reducing water usage. 

Unlimited potential

The benefits of SilvaClean go far beyond healthcare.




Whether in the locker room or on the field, SilvaClean’s long lasting antimicrobial effects drive cleaner sports gear to help boost the performance of athletes.

Now hotels can offer their patrons cleaner, fresher linens for a more comfortable stay.

Add SilvaClean to everyday laundry to protect fabrics from odor and stain-causing bacteria.

Elevate your standard of clean with SilvaClean®