Solving the Odor Problem


Body odor is a persistent problem, which we have tried to combat with everything, from masking with perfume to using natural remedies, such as apple cider vinegar.

We all sweat. There’s no way around it. Whether caused from heat, exercise, or stress, sweat mixes with bacteria to produce body odor. Sure, bathing and antiperspirant deodorant help, but what happens when the odor transfers to your clothes?

Odor on fabrics

Your clothes are constantly collecting (and transferring) odor-causing agents. So, naturally, frequent and thorough washing is a great start to reducing odor on your clothes.

But (yes, there’s a but), modern laundry methodologies are becoming more and more inefficient, with lower wash temperatures and shorter cycles, leading to the accumulation of odor on fabrics, even with frequent laundering. There has to be something more we can do.

A silver of hope

Silver has antimicrobial and freshness preservation properties. Some of you may already be aware of this. In fact, silver has been used since antiquity in containment vessels for water, oil, wine, and eventually, for medical purposes, such as wound dressings.

Without getting too technical, silver kills odor-causing agents to eliminate unpleasant smells at the source.

But don’t just take our word for it. Studies are out there showing the efficacy of silver against odor. Silver laundry machines are effective in eliminating fungi. Wound dressings containing silver are shown to alleviate odor when compared to alternative wound dressings. Silver has even been discussed as a solution to prevent odors before they are produced, and passes sensory sniff testing, with “sweet/fresh” being associated with silver-treated materials.

Targeting the source

Body odor is not going away anytime soon. And, it’s going to find its way onto your clothes.

Masking will not solve the problem. It’s the proverbial band-aid solution. We need a product that eliminates odor on clothing at the source. Something more. Perhaps something with silver.