The mission of Applied Silver is to create a cleaner, healthier world where textiles aren’t the things we worry about.

Leopold Selker, Ph.D., Research Scholar in Residence, Cal Poly and former President, NorthShore University Health System Research Institute

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American Laundry News: “Tools of the Trade – Company launches silver-based antimicrobial treatment for healthcare textiles”

“Applied Silver, Inc. is launching SilvaClean®, described as a state-of-the-art silver treatment for textiles. SilvaClean is a water-based ionic silver treatment that provides protection to laundered healthcare textiles, the company says. SilvaClean® – applied using the equipment shown – works on...
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SilvaClean raises the standard of textile cleanliness. This allows hospitals to maintain the confidence of the communities they serve and gives every patient a better bedside experience

Dr. J. Trees Ritter, D.O., Medical Director, Infection Control Programs, California Central Coast Hospitals and Chairman, Clinical Affairs Committee, Infectious Diseases Society of America

Medical textiles pose a unique cleanliness problem that requires an equally unique solution.

John Openshaw, M.D, Stanford University