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Partner with your healthcare customers in their effort to reduce infections and improve antibiotic stewardship.

The greatest risk of contamination of textiles and the surrounding environment is while they are in use — post-laundering.

Implement the SilvaClean solution at your facilities today.

Lasting effects

SilvaClean transforms textiles providing residual antimicrobial activity, keeping linens cleaner and fresher during transport, storage, and use.

Repeated application

SilvaClean treatment is applied each time textiles are laundered to ensure that its antimicrobial effects continue working after they are laundered. 

Seamless integration

The SilvaClean system is compatible with existing laundering processes and inventory, making it easy to implement.

Check out our Laundry Process and Facilities FAQ

SilvaClean seamlessly integrates into the existing laundry process

  • System is a combination of hardware, software and consumable
  • Treatment is applied during each laundering cycle at the final rinse stage
  • No changes are necessary to existing wash or downstream processes
  • The system is designed for washers of all types, manufacturers and materials
  • Automated operation is integrated into existing control system
  • Continuous process control monitoring, treatment verification and tracking are provided
For healthcare laundering, consult our partners at Medline about investing in a SilvaClean system.

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Crown Linen has established itself as a trusted commercial laundry facility for hotels, resorts and spas across the states of Florida and Georgia, providing service to more than 180 hotels and 60,000 rooms.