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Committed Sports Programs Reduce Exposure to Pathogens

As part of a diligent sports medicine infection control program, experts recommend that athletic programs should seek to reduce or eliminate exposure to pathogens to the greatest extent practical.

Safeguard your team with SilvaClean

Professional teams that have adopted SilvaClean understand the infection risks present in sports gear, towels, and the facilities. These teams feel strongly that this added layer of protection for their athletes provides them with a competitive advantage.

By using SilvaClean, you are enhancing the hygiene protocols of your facility and keeping the health of your players first. 

Maximize performance for your athletes with SilvaClean®

Facts and Figures

A Costly Problem
The athlete environment is conducive to infections. Staph and MRSA are occupational hazards. Sporting textiles transmit pathogens.
The number of hours on average that an athlete spends in gear each week.
The likelihood of football players carrying MRSA compared to the general public.
The minimum cost to treat a MRSA infection.


Kills pathogens and inhibits growth of bacteria, mold and mildew

Water-Based, Anti-Odor & Anti-Static

Creates no perceptible difference in the look and feel of your textiles


Treats all existing textiles, seamlessly integrates into existing laundry workflow

In the News:

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Ian Williams introduces Late Hits' Gil Brandt and Alex Marvez to Applied Silver on Sirius XM NFL Radio.

Daniel Fells' battle with MRSA

From NFL tight end to advocate for Applied Silver, our athlete ambassador tells his story to KHTK in Sacramento. (Begins at 2:12)

Ian Williams shares why he's a part of our team

The former NFL nose tackle tells his story (and ours) on The Athletic's "Here's the Catch" podcast.

Partnership with Daniel Fells is Built on Passion

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Reviewing the Risk

Headlines from every level of sport reveal the extent of the need to mitigate infection risk

Our Partners

New York Red Bulls

Red Bulls are using the SilvaClean technology to enhance health and hygiene protocols for players, staff, and fans.

Anaheim Ducks

As the first team in the NHL to adopt our technology, the Ducks are utilizing the SilvaClean technology to treat all player uniforms, towels, face coverings and any other launderable fabrics.

Click to learn how SilvaClean impacted the team’s return to the ice in 2021

National Wrestling Coaches Association

Applied Silver and the NWCA have teamed up to offer SilvaClean to high school, collegiate, and professional wrestling teams as an inexpensive way to reduce infection risk.

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