Adding The Element of Innovation to the world.

In nature, atoms come together and pure substances are formed. In the world of technology, people come together and sometimes game-changing solutions are formed. And so are unique, original-thinking companies. Welcome to Applied Silver; a business dedicated to developing commercial applications of bacteria-fighting silver… and developing a cleaner world.

We began with healthcare.
But healthcare is just the beginning.

Applied Silver was formed as an adjunct entrepreneurial effort alongside California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California. A group of students and alumni collaborated to make the world a healthier, cleaner place through germ-fighting silver technologies.

Incorporated in 2012, we are now based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our anchor innovation is a cost-effective, EPA-approved, water-based textile treatment called SilvaClean®. It’s a safe, yet powerful antimicrobial treatment that is applied each time textiles are laundered and works to inhibit the growth of bacteria on products to which it is applied. Click here to learn more about SilvaClean®.

Currently, SilvaClean® is bolstering the healthcare industry by providing persistent antimicrobial properties to textiles such as bed linens, towels and clothing. But the healthcare industry is just the start. SilvaClean’s potential is phenomenal, and Applied Silver will continue to expand efforts to improve environments in areas such as sports, hotels, dormitories, prisons and more.

Applied Silver is honored to be an active participant in world health. We will continue to seek solutions and provide antimicrobial silver treatments that will keep people clean and safe.